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the axiomatic go-go dance

...cancer in a pillbox hat

Ample Breasts
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A Fresh Pilgrimage

The commuter train has stops like
Stations of the Cross. We kissed,

Enveloped in body heat and jealous
Disgust, the act a pulpy concoction

Of pain and temerity but never despair.
Where dissenters told lovers to tighten their

Belts, their work delegated to foreign
Beasts and machines, we gorged ourselves

Instead, blank eyed guppies, fattening
Ourselves for the feasts of the cruel.

The beggars that would have our souls
We stonefaced from under makeshift

Crowns; Winter was not half over
And we would have to crest the

Season. You occupied my
Mouth like heathen generals

Until doors opened to part us, and
A bag lady with a knowing smile

Cracked and straightened to wipe
My brow. A slug of her papered

Bottle and a moment on one knee
In a personal Gethsemane reminding

Me that no matter our differences
We all change at Jamaica.
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